Why Most Liberals are Against Firearms: My Thoughts

DonkeyThere are a number of big reasons that many liberals are cited as being against guns or even suggesting the banning of firearms across the United States. While this is the thought of many conservative individuals not many understand why a vast number of liberals pursue gun control is an issue and are interested in taking a position against firearms and for gun control.

While the right to bear arms is one of our major individual liberties, there are huge number of liberals that don’t hate guns and in fact gun enthusiasts themselves. Some of the most likely reasons for why we think liberals hate guns have been identified however. In this article we will identify some of the main reasons why people think that liberals might hate guns and share the true opinions of many gun enthusiast liberals.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that liberal Democrats are not a fan of gun owners: while it is true that many supporters of firearms are likely to vote Republican and potentially join the military, it is important to note that there is still a population ofDemocrats were still more than willing to defend their country and have firearms in their homes. Liberal gun owners simply feel as though there should be more regulation and control rather than the idea that everyone has the right to freely purchase a weapon.

Do liberals use gun control as a means for political power? Gun control remains one of the largest political issues in every US election. In many cases Democrats have been accused of using gun control as a means to gain political office or even influence the American public on political issues. Gun control goes far beyond attaining political power and although Democrats are more likely to vote with people who share their views on gun control, sometimes it can be difficult to find a political candidate that is both for the right to bear arms that also has a plan for establishing gun control.

Liberal democrats want to change the constitution: the Constitution is in place to protect the rights of individuals from the state, ultimately any Democrat feels that they deserve some sort of protection from the government even if they were responsible in the process for electing that government. Because the Constitution is responsible for keeping our freedoms, Democrats have no interest in making massive amendments that would ban firearms. If anything liberals are extremely sympathetic to anyone who is willing to uphold their constitutional rights on issues such as gun control, free speech and more. Having the right to carry a weapon on you to protect yourself, your family or your property is well within your rights and only a minority of liberal Democrats are interested in fully changing the Constitution to ban this definitive right.

These are some of the main issues identified for why liberals are against firearms. The truth is you will find many liberals who are very much for firearms and are firearms enthusiasts. It’s important not to generalize one opinion and to instantly make up your mind about someone’s opinion based off of their political affiliations alone.