Why I Think Liberals Can Be Gun Enthusiasts

Gun ShootingQuite often when we think of gun enthusiasts our first thoughts turn to people of a conservative political background. Although we often think of a typical political stance for a gun enthusiast, the truth is no matter what your views are politically, there is still a universal appeal or at least some small subset of enthusiasts across the entire political spectrum. This means that liberals are getting out on weekends and enjoying guns just like the rest of us.

No one person can be placed in a box based off of their political views and although someone may vote liberally, doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in their right to own firearms or at least use them recreationally or for hunting. Although organizations like the NRA are based in a conservative mindset left-leaning gun enthusiasts exist in great numbers and are just as knowledgeable and enthusiastic about various aspects of gun ownership and shooting as the next right-leaning gun enthusiast.

There are a large amount of Democrat gun owners many of which grew up in Republican households and has been discussing the issue of gun control and gun ownership with their peers over many years. Liberals have established gun clubs, organized amendments for gun control, established petitions for government officials and worked to educate the public about guns for years.

It seems as though for a long time being both a liberal and an enthusiast of firearms or a gun owner really wasn’t the biggest issue. For some liberal organizations however something as simple as owning a gun can be grounds for dismissal from a group. Unfortunately many liberal political organizations look down upon members who keep guns in their house, don’t agree with some of the issues of gun control, and those who regularly use guns and shoot recreationally. There have even been instances where shortly after an issue like Sandy Hook, members of political organizations have been essentially kicked out based off of their views on gun control and for owning firearms.

While firearm control is a hot button issue in the United States, there are still plenty of liberal organizations which allow their members to freely discuss their views on firearms and to feel less ostracized enjoying their hobbies while keeping their political point of view intact. Organizations like the liberal gun club give firearms enthusiasts an alternative to joining the NRA and help them to find other like-minded individuals with a passion for firearms.

Yes, gun enthusiasts can be liberal and there are even resources available to help them find other like-minded individuals to share their passion.