Why I Love Shooting an AR-15 – A Progressive View on a Controversial Rifle

AR 15 With ScopeI think you know by know that I fully feel that liberals can be gun enthusiasts.  I understand that gun control can have its’ pitfalls and I’m all for a stronger control mechanism around people that have had potential mental health issues in the past, but I truly feel that any person that leans more towards the left can still enjoy gun ownership at a very responsible level.

With that being said, I know a lot of my friends will scoff at me when I talk about shooting an AR-15.  I know it’s looked down upon in most left leaning political circles, but the AR-15 honestly is really fun to shoot.  As with any gun, I think that most lefties like to rule out gun ownership altogether and don’t fully give themselves the ability to enjoy everything that the world of firearms truly has to offer.  For me, I made sure that when I went shopping to equip my AR-15 that it was not only properly geared up from a safety perspective but also from an optics perspective to make sure I had the maximum visibility to practice shooting my AR safely and responsibly.

When I first got out to the range to shoot my AR as well equipped as it is now, I can’t explain how much fun I had.  Most liberals are against firearms (see my article here) but because most won’t give a gun a chance, they don’t understand just how liberating shooting a tactical rifle can be.  Trust me when I say that learning to shoot an AR-15 was well outside of my initial comfort zone and it took a TON of convincing to get me to even get near one when I was used to shooting my 9mm pistol that I’ve owned for years.  Once I did it though, I can truly tell you that the experience is absolutely worth it.  The AR-15 is now one of the rifles that I’m absolutely the happiest with as possible when it comes to the guns in my gun safe.

Overall, if you are someone that’s truly on the fence about shooting an AR-15, I’d just ask that you get out there and test one out before you completely judge it.  It’s unfair to the gun supporting community to truly rule out a firearm like this when it comes down to really giving the gun itself the benefit of the doubt.  Trust me, I’m still a lefty on the inside and this article has been REALLY hard to write.  Overall though, I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I actually let myself get to the shooting range and really cut loose with a rifle I’ve always wanted to try shooting for as long as I can remember.