Why I Love California But Couldn’t Live There as a Gun Enthusiast

CAssault Rifle Bulletsalifornia has some of the strictest firearms and ammunition laws in the whole of the United States. Gun laws in California were to effectively regulate the sale, the use of firearms as well as police the sale of ammunition, address safety issues and more. While many of these additions to the law have been added to protect the public and provide a greater level of safety, ultimately for gun enthusiasts they can be extremely restrictive especially when you consider that many neighboring states don’t have the same waiting period or issues with purchasing guns and accessories.

The state also makes it impossible to own classified weapons like rifles that have above 50 caliber, magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, semi-automatic firearms, short barreled shotguns and automatic firearms. You also need to find registered dealers and be extremely careful about the types of places that you purchase in the nation, register guns and by official firearms. Guns in California also have registration added to any model as well as a 10 day waiting period. California differs from any other state in that it has a provision in its state constitution that guarantees an individual has the right to keep and bear arms. Where it gets restrictive is where the state doesn’t guarantee private citizens have the right to carry, possess or even by firearms. This means that if you are cleared to own a firearm there is oh is a chance that you might not be able to get a firearm and he certainly might not be able to get a collection of firearms or guns that you would like to use.

By living in a different state you can only purchase a firearm much easier but also get the ammunition that you need to enjoy your firearm as well as the variations of firearms that you may want as a gun enthusiast. It’s one thing to have a rifle on hand for home protection and for your own personal protection, if you plan on shooting recreationally or at a range regularly however it can be difficult to get some of the weapons that you might want to experience and own for yourself. Buying ammunition that you can use a practice range is also much more difficult. All in all it’s way more difficult to become a gun enthusiast in California.

Restrictive gun laws get even more restrictive when it comes to partial or concealed carry laws. While you can go to a state like Texas and easily carry a gun around with you, if you have the proper permits this type of activity is absolutely banned in the state of California. Open carry is legal but only in unincorporated rural areas. This means that you can only keep a loaded and exposed handgun if you are in a county with less than 200,000 residents, and only if you have a permit to carry back handgun from a local County Sheriff. Getting all of these appropriate legalities can be extremely difficult and sometimes not even worth the hassle.

Ultimately if you are a firearms enthusiast you might want to consider enjoying your hobby in another state or potentially even living in another state entirely.