Lefties Like Me that Actually Enjoy Guns

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile left-leaning gun enthusiasts might seem like a near impossibility the idea of a left-leaning politician or representative supporting firearms may seem like an even more impossible feat. The truth is there are a number of politicians in the US that support firearms and are even willing to shoot down a number of bills and amendments that would make firearms more difficult to get. These gun enthusiasts are interested in preserving constitutional rights to bear arms and for keeping gun laws much the same way that they are today. Just because you have a democratic mindset or a left-leaning political spectrum, it doesn’t mean that you have to be completely against guns. Here are a few top left-leaning politicians that support firearms in the United States.

  1. Jerry Brown: Jerry Brown was surprisingly enough an advocate for shooting down a bill that would have changed gun laws. The bill in question would have made it difficult for any state resident to purchase and own firearms. The proposed bill would’ve also included the ban of low capacity rifles that had detachable magazines. Jerry Brown was instrumental in making sure that this bill did not pass and then Americans still had access to purchase these weapons and keep them legally.
  2. Max Baucus (Montana): this senator from Montana is a Republican who also voted against every piece of gun legislation presented to him except for the crackdowns on trafficking of weapons across US soil. Montana has more gun based businesses than any other state in the country so the senator absolutely needs to side in favor of a pro gun movement. I
  3. Mark Pryor (Arkansas): Mark Pryor was another US senator who was famous for voting against every new changing gun legislation presented under the Obama administration except for new laws introduced on trafficking.
  4. Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota): this e-mail senator from North Dakota voted against Democratic legislation changes on gun control and often sides with Republicans on these issues.
  5. Mark Begich (Alaska): this senator from Alaska strongly believes in an individual’s rights to arm themselves and have guns in their possession. Alaska also has a fair amount of their economy tied up in gun based businesses and lies second in the number of gun based businesses in their state. When it comes to issues of control and production for weapons, Reigch usually votes with Republicans on issues of gun control.
  6. Kay Hagan (North Carolina): this senator has also regularly voted with Republicans on issues of gun control. Although she is in support of background checks for weapons she regularly sides with Republicans on many other possession rights votes.

With these powerful Democratic US officials and more growing with every single debate or vote, it seems as though liberal politicians in favor of the right to bear arms aren’t in any kind of massive minority. While Democrats are often considered to be fully against guns, and Democrats are known for frequently siding with pro-gun reform. You can find politicians on both ends of the spectrum willing to side pro-gun.