About Us


Welcome to progunprogressive.com, one of the few 2nd amendment supporter semi-democratic sites on the internet.  My love for guns runs deep ever since growing up shooting my favorite .22 caliber rifle up in the woods as a kid.  My goal here is to bring you great gun supporting information for anyone that’s even remotely liberal and maybe appeal to a few of those right wingers out there that thing the NRA and gun rights are only theirs to claim.

While some might consider my own political viewpoints slightly slanted left but middle leaning, I hold a healthy respect for shooting and the sport that it has become.  I’ve also spent a lot of time in California and am aware of the restrictions that one of the best states in the USA imposes on its citizens.  My goal is to hopefully shed some light on the fact that not all guns are bad things and it has more to do with the safety of the people that are actually shooting them.

If you have any questions or concerns, or feel like dropping me a line, please feel free to checkout my contact page for more information.  I really hope that you enjoy your stay and hope that you can grow to love firearms as much as I have in my lifetime.