A Response to Those that Disagree with my AR-15 Choice

I get it.  I’ve been getting a lot of folks reaching out that disagree with my AR-15 post stating that even as a progressive lefty, I shouldn’t be promoting the option of people getting out there and shooting a gun that has a really bad reputation like the AR-15.  I understand the frustration, but I also understand that even as someone that typically leans a little more to the left side of the fence, I also understand that we have a right that was promised to us by our founding fathers.  We have the right to bear arms and if I choose to go and enjoy my time shooting at the range with an AR, then that’s my own personal choice.  You also have a choice to read or not to read my blog.

While I hope you all do continue reading, I hope you understand that me stating I enjoy shooting firearms does not in any way mean that I condone violence.  I’m actually highly against it.  I’m a supporter of the right to bear arms in a responsible fashion, and I do agree that firmer gun control laws make sense but ONLY in certain circumstances.  I don’t believe that guns should be available to people with a history of mental illnesses but I also don’t believe that guns should be readily available for anyone that walks off the street ready to make a purchase.  I support having some controls out there in our society around guns, but people need to realize that the only reason the United States is viewed as one of the most powerful countries on earth is because of our civilian firearms ownership ratio.  Anyone that thinks about coming to our country on our soil is going to have to deal with the most well armed civilian society on the planet.

At any rate, I’m sorry if my post angered anyone out there as that was not my intent, but I just wanted to highlight why I enjoy certain types of firearms and what benefits I think they bring to my own personal life as a RESPONSIBLE gun owner.