What I think of Gun Safety as a Progressive Thinking Liberal

Gun SafetyWhile most people are quick to judge and suggest that most liberals would rather ban firearms than propose methods for their safe use, many liberals are interested in gun safety and continuing to use firearms. When it comes to general gun safety from a left-leaning liberal point of view, much of the views are the same but an emphasis on control and safety is how we can solve a lot of the issues with gun safety in the United States.

Many liberals that are interested in firearms are quick to join into gun clubs where they can feel safe. Organizations like the liberal gun club are just such a place for liberals to learn the type of gun control that they want to feel confident and to feel safe as they are using fire arms. The nice part about joining one of these organizations is that you can learn some of the basics of how to use a firearm, how to appropriately store a firearm and how you can advocate safety and control of firearms in your own local area to prevent accidents and tragedy.

One of the greatest pillars of liberal gun control is proper storage and safety. Many liberals take this extremely seriously and when it comes to properly storing any firearms it’s usually done in safes and potentially even individual locked boxes for every single fire arm. Illuminating the chances that guns could be stolen or that they could fall into the wrong hands is always a big concern and with the proper lockboxes you can prevent accidents as well as ensure that none of your firearms will fall into the wrong hands. Part of being an enthusiast involves being socially conscious and careful and locking guns up tight is one of the best ways that you can do this.

Education is also a big pillar of liberal gun control. Sure you can have views on gun safety and for the right to bear arms but ultimately to have the right to own a firearm you need to educate yourself with how you can use it safely. This is why so many liberal gun owners are consistently going to the range, reading up about weapons online and getting professional instructors to teach them everything that they need to know about the proper cleaning process, how to use the safety features on a variety of different weapons and more. Education can prevent accidents and help you to understand all of the features in your hobby.

Registration: registration and insurance is a big part of being a firearms enthusiast. We need to be very professional and logging the types of guns that you have, we need to have the correct permits for them and if possible it’s a good idea to take some type of certification or training course in gun safety before you even fire a weapon. Having registration and certifications under your belt will make sure that you can enjoy weapons safely and even be able to pass that knowledge along to other liberal gun owners.

Although many of the pillars for liberal gun owners are the same as conservative gun owners ultimately the emphasis is on education and responsibility. Armed with the right knowledge and the right preventative measures you can enjoy guns safely no matter what political affiliation you might have.

Why I Think Liberals Can Be Gun Enthusiasts

Gun ShootingQuite often when we think of gun enthusiasts our first thoughts turn to people of a conservative political background. Although we often think of a typical political stance for a gun enthusiast, the truth is no matter what your views are politically, there is still a universal appeal or at least some small subset of enthusiasts across the entire political spectrum. This means that liberals are getting out on weekends and enjoying guns just like the rest of us.

No one person can be placed in a box based off of their political views and although someone may vote liberally, doesn’t mean that they don’t believe in their right to own firearms or at least use them recreationally or for hunting. Although organizations like the NRA are based in a conservative mindset left-leaning gun enthusiasts exist in great numbers and are just as knowledgeable and enthusiastic about various aspects of gun ownership and shooting as the next right-leaning gun enthusiast.

There are a large amount of Democrat gun owners many of which grew up in Republican households and has been discussing the issue of gun control and gun ownership with their peers over many years. Liberals have established gun clubs, organized amendments for gun control, established petitions for government officials and worked to educate the public about guns for years.

It seems as though for a long time being both a liberal and an enthusiast of firearms or a gun owner really wasn’t the biggest issue. For some liberal organizations however something as simple as owning a gun can be grounds for dismissal from a group. Unfortunately many liberal political organizations look down upon members who keep guns in their house, don’t agree with some of the issues of gun control, and those who regularly use guns and shoot recreationally. There have even been instances where shortly after an issue like Sandy Hook, members of political organizations have been essentially kicked out based off of their views on gun control and for owning firearms.

While firearm control is a hot button issue in the United States, there are still plenty of liberal organizations which allow their members to freely discuss their views on firearms and to feel less ostracized enjoying their hobbies while keeping their political point of view intact. Organizations like the liberal gun club give firearms enthusiasts an alternative to joining the NRA and help them to find other like-minded individuals with a passion for firearms.

Yes, gun enthusiasts can be liberal and there are even resources available to help them find other like-minded individuals to share their passion.

A Response to Those that Disagree with my AR-15 Choice

I get it.  I’ve been getting a lot of folks reaching out that disagree with my AR-15 post stating that even as a progressive lefty, I shouldn’t be promoting the option of people getting out there and shooting a gun that has a really bad reputation like the AR-15.  I understand the frustration, but I also understand that even as someone that typically leans a little more to the left side of the fence, I also understand that we have a right that was promised to us by our founding fathers.  We have the right to bear arms and if I choose to go and enjoy my time shooting at the range with an AR, then that’s my own personal choice.  You also have a choice to read or not to read my blog.

While I hope you all do continue reading, I hope you understand that me stating I enjoy shooting firearms does not in any way mean that I condone violence.  I’m actually highly against it.  I’m a supporter of the right to bear arms in a responsible fashion, and I do agree that firmer gun control laws make sense but ONLY in certain circumstances.  I don’t believe that guns should be available to people with a history of mental illnesses but I also don’t believe that guns should be readily available for anyone that walks off the street ready to make a purchase.  I support having some controls out there in our society around guns, but people need to realize that the only reason the United States is viewed as one of the most powerful countries on earth is because of our civilian firearms ownership ratio.  Anyone that thinks about coming to our country on our soil is going to have to deal with the most well armed civilian society on the planet.

At any rate, I’m sorry if my post angered anyone out there as that was not my intent, but I just wanted to highlight why I enjoy certain types of firearms and what benefits I think they bring to my own personal life as a RESPONSIBLE gun owner.

Why I Love Shooting an AR-15 – A Progressive View on a Controversial Rifle

AR 15 With ScopeI think you know by know that I fully feel that liberals can be gun enthusiasts.  I understand that gun control can have its’ pitfalls and I’m all for a stronger control mechanism around people that have had potential mental health issues in the past, but I truly feel that any person that leans more towards the left can still enjoy gun ownership at a very responsible level.

With that being said, I know a lot of my friends will scoff at me when I talk about shooting an AR-15.  I know it’s looked down upon in most left leaning political circles, but the AR-15 honestly is really fun to shoot.  As with any gun, I think that most lefties like to rule out gun ownership altogether and don’t fully give themselves the ability to enjoy everything that the world of firearms truly has to offer.  For me, I made sure that when I went shopping to equip my AR-15 that it was not only properly geared up from a safety perspective but also from an optics perspective to make sure I had the maximum visibility to practice shooting my AR safely and responsibly.

When I first got out to the range to shoot my AR as well equipped as it is now, I can’t explain how much fun I had.  Most liberals are against firearms (see my article here) but because most won’t give a gun a chance, they don’t understand just how liberating shooting a tactical rifle can be.  Trust me when I say that learning to shoot an AR-15 was well outside of my initial comfort zone and it took a TON of convincing to get me to even get near one when I was used to shooting my 9mm pistol that I’ve owned for years.  Once I did it though, I can truly tell you that the experience is absolutely worth it.  The AR-15 is now one of the rifles that I’m absolutely the happiest with as possible when it comes to the guns in my gun safe.

Overall, if you are someone that’s truly on the fence about shooting an AR-15, I’d just ask that you get out there and test one out before you completely judge it.  It’s unfair to the gun supporting community to truly rule out a firearm like this when it comes down to really giving the gun itself the benefit of the doubt.  Trust me, I’m still a lefty on the inside and this article has been REALLY hard to write.  Overall though, I can’t tell you how thankful I am that I actually let myself get to the shooting range and really cut loose with a rifle I’ve always wanted to try shooting for as long as I can remember.

Why I Love California But Couldn’t Live There as a Gun Enthusiast

CAssault Rifle Bulletsalifornia has some of the strictest firearms and ammunition laws in the whole of the United States. Gun laws in California were to effectively regulate the sale, the use of firearms as well as police the sale of ammunition, address safety issues and more. While many of these additions to the law have been added to protect the public and provide a greater level of safety, ultimately for gun enthusiasts they can be extremely restrictive especially when you consider that many neighboring states don’t have the same waiting period or issues with purchasing guns and accessories.

The state also makes it impossible to own classified weapons like rifles that have above 50 caliber, magazines that can hold more than 10 rounds of ammunition, semi-automatic firearms, short barreled shotguns and automatic firearms. You also need to find registered dealers and be extremely careful about the types of places that you purchase in the nation, register guns and by official firearms. Guns in California also have registration added to any model as well as a 10 day waiting period. California differs from any other state in that it has a provision in its state constitution that guarantees an individual has the right to keep and bear arms. Where it gets restrictive is where the state doesn’t guarantee private citizens have the right to carry, possess or even by firearms. This means that if you are cleared to own a firearm there is oh is a chance that you might not be able to get a firearm and he certainly might not be able to get a collection of firearms or guns that you would like to use.

By living in a different state you can only purchase a firearm much easier but also get the ammunition that you need to enjoy your firearm as well as the variations of firearms that you may want as a gun enthusiast. It’s one thing to have a rifle on hand for home protection and for your own personal protection, if you plan on shooting recreationally or at a range regularly however it can be difficult to get some of the weapons that you might want to experience and own for yourself. Buying ammunition that you can use a practice range is also much more difficult. All in all it’s way more difficult to become a gun enthusiast in California.

Restrictive gun laws get even more restrictive when it comes to partial or concealed carry laws. While you can go to a state like Texas and easily carry a gun around with you, if you have the proper permits this type of activity is absolutely banned in the state of California. Open carry is legal but only in unincorporated rural areas. This means that you can only keep a loaded and exposed handgun if you are in a county with less than 200,000 residents, and only if you have a permit to carry back handgun from a local County Sheriff. Getting all of these appropriate legalities can be extremely difficult and sometimes not even worth the hassle.

Ultimately if you are a firearms enthusiast you might want to consider enjoying your hobby in another state or potentially even living in another state entirely.

Why Most Liberals are Against Firearms: My Thoughts

DonkeyThere are a number of big reasons that many liberals are cited as being against guns or even suggesting the banning of firearms across the United States. While this is the thought of many conservative individuals not many understand why a vast number of liberals pursue gun control is an issue and are interested in taking a position against firearms and for gun control.

While the right to bear arms is one of our major individual liberties, there are huge number of liberals that don’t hate guns and in fact gun enthusiasts themselves. Some of the most likely reasons for why we think liberals hate guns have been identified however. In this article we will identify some of the main reasons why people think that liberals might hate guns and share the true opinions of many gun enthusiast liberals.

One of the biggest misconceptions is that liberal Democrats are not a fan of gun owners: while it is true that many supporters of firearms are likely to vote Republican and potentially join the military, it is important to note that there is still a population ofDemocrats were still more than willing to defend their country and have firearms in their homes. Liberal gun owners simply feel as though there should be more regulation and control rather than the idea that everyone has the right to freely purchase a weapon.

Do liberals use gun control as a means for political power? Gun control remains one of the largest political issues in every US election. In many cases Democrats have been accused of using gun control as a means to gain political office or even influence the American public on political issues. Gun control goes far beyond attaining political power and although Democrats are more likely to vote with people who share their views on gun control, sometimes it can be difficult to find a political candidate that is both for the right to bear arms that also has a plan for establishing gun control.

Liberal democrats want to change the constitution: the Constitution is in place to protect the rights of individuals from the state, ultimately any Democrat feels that they deserve some sort of protection from the government even if they were responsible in the process for electing that government. Because the Constitution is responsible for keeping our freedoms, Democrats have no interest in making massive amendments that would ban firearms. If anything liberals are extremely sympathetic to anyone who is willing to uphold their constitutional rights on issues such as gun control, free speech and more. Having the right to carry a weapon on you to protect yourself, your family or your property is well within your rights and only a minority of liberal Democrats are interested in fully changing the Constitution to ban this definitive right.

These are some of the main issues identified for why liberals are against firearms. The truth is you will find many liberals who are very much for firearms and are firearms enthusiasts. It’s important not to generalize one opinion and to instantly make up your mind about someone’s opinion based off of their political affiliations alone.

Lefties Like Me that Actually Enjoy Guns

OLYMPUS DIGITAL CAMERAWhile left-leaning gun enthusiasts might seem like a near impossibility the idea of a left-leaning politician or representative supporting firearms may seem like an even more impossible feat. The truth is there are a number of politicians in the US that support firearms and are even willing to shoot down a number of bills and amendments that would make firearms more difficult to get. These gun enthusiasts are interested in preserving constitutional rights to bear arms and for keeping gun laws much the same way that they are today. Just because you have a democratic mindset or a left-leaning political spectrum, it doesn’t mean that you have to be completely against guns. Here are a few top left-leaning politicians that support firearms in the United States.

  1. Jerry Brown: Jerry Brown was surprisingly enough an advocate for shooting down a bill that would have changed gun laws. The bill in question would have made it difficult for any state resident to purchase and own firearms. The proposed bill would’ve also included the ban of low capacity rifles that had detachable magazines. Jerry Brown was instrumental in making sure that this bill did not pass and then Americans still had access to purchase these weapons and keep them legally.
  2. Max Baucus (Montana): this senator from Montana is a Republican who also voted against every piece of gun legislation presented to him except for the crackdowns on trafficking of weapons across US soil. Montana has more gun based businesses than any other state in the country so the senator absolutely needs to side in favor of a pro gun movement. I
  3. Mark Pryor (Arkansas): Mark Pryor was another US senator who was famous for voting against every new changing gun legislation presented under the Obama administration except for new laws introduced on trafficking.
  4. Heidi Heitkamp (North Dakota): this e-mail senator from North Dakota voted against Democratic legislation changes on gun control and often sides with Republicans on these issues.
  5. Mark Begich (Alaska): this senator from Alaska strongly believes in an individual’s rights to arm themselves and have guns in their possession. Alaska also has a fair amount of their economy tied up in gun based businesses and lies second in the number of gun based businesses in their state. When it comes to issues of control and production for weapons, Reigch usually votes with Republicans on issues of gun control.
  6. Kay Hagan (North Carolina): this senator has also regularly voted with Republicans on issues of gun control. Although she is in support of background checks for weapons she regularly sides with Republicans on many other possession rights votes.

With these powerful Democratic US officials and more growing with every single debate or vote, it seems as though liberal politicians in favor of the right to bear arms aren’t in any kind of massive minority. While Democrats are often considered to be fully against guns, and Democrats are known for frequently siding with pro-gun reform. You can find politicians on both ends of the spectrum willing to side pro-gun.